Computer Lab

MCIT ( Madhur Computer Institute of Technology )

The Institute provides state – of – art computer systems with advance technologies to maintain itself in pace with the fast changing needs of the IT industry. Technology has made our lives crisp and brisk, qualitatively enhanced it in various ways and computers, as we are all aware, are the most visible benefits of technology. They can improve any aspect of life substantially. Our computer center thus has a huge contribution in the modern studies of our students, faculty members and academic staff. In addition to the computing resourcefulness offered by computers in today’s times, Computers also connect us globally. Computers open the doors to vast virtual space full of extensive information on almost every subject. Hence, our computer center is equipped with computers with latest configuration and internet connection with excellent speed, both being operated using the latest software. We have two laboratories that come under the umbrella of our computer center, and these contain about 18-20 Dual-Core that are networked using the Windows 2003 and Windows 7. Wi-Fi Campus and internet broadband connection with 1 mbps speed.

The computer center houses the following software:
MS-Windows 98, XP, 2003 , Vista , 7 , DOS 6.22, Red Hat Linux 9, Microsoft Office 2007 & 2010 , Turbo C++, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Sever 2008 , Java 1.2, Quick Heal Anti-Virus.

The Computer Center also contains the following:
Inkjet/Laser Printer, Dot Matrix Printer, Digital Camera, DVD Writer, 16 Port Switch, Wi-Fi Router and LCD TV.